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TWISTED SISTER “Club Daze Volume I - The Studio Sessions” /CD/

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Remastered re-release of the second compilation album by the legendary American Rock‘n’Roll/Glam/Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band.
Compilation of rare or never released studio versions of original songs that Twisted Sister performed while playing the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut club circuit from 1978-1981.
"Rock will live tomorrow, but disco has to die today" - the line sung by a young and defiant Dee Snider during "Rock 'N' Roll Saviors" in 1978 summed up much about the fiercely independent approach that Twisted Sister would take after he joined the band in 1976. Originally billing itself as the New Jersey version of the New York Dolls and covering Glam classics of the day after Jay Jay French formed the act in 1972, it would be Snider's entry that breathed new life into Twisted SIister. Snider's larger-than-life stage presence, enormous songwriting contributions, and his urging to retain the Glam roots/image but move into a Harder Rock and, ultimately, Heavy Metal direction would result in Twisted Sister becoming kings of the club circuit and set the stage for later commercial successes. Those stories and more are contained in the extensive liner notes included with this second reissue of "Club Daze Volume I: The Studio Sessions", a 13-track collection of songs recorded in 1978-1979 and 1981 ("Shoot 'Em Down") that offer new fans a view into the Rock 'n Roll roots and old fans a chance to revisit lost classics.
Those only familiar with the '80s output may be surprised to hear the staunch 1970s Rock and Hard Rock sounds characteristic of many of these songs. Cuts like "Follow Me", "Can't Stand Still", and the sizzling "Lady's Boy" are reminiscent to varying degrees of everyone from Ted Nugent and The Amboy Dukes (and similar Detroit Rock acts) and Chuck Berry to T. Rex and Brownsville Station. AC/DC was an admitted influence on Snider, the fat bass/drum propulsion and basic riffing also noticeable, while Slade figured in to Glam shaded, Pop-influenced cuts like "I'll Never Grow Up, Now", which would hint at the hooks 'n attitude sound the band perfected in the 80s. Also included is the original, rougher-edged cover version of "Leader Of The Pack", which would later show up on 1985's "Come Out And Play" to a less than enthusiastic fan response. "Under The Blade" and "Shoot 'Em Down" were most indicative of the Metal direction in which the band was headed, both tracks ending up on debut full-length "Under The Blade".
Depending on your completist proclivities, "Club Daze Volume I: The Studio Sessions" is a nicely packaged collection of some pretty darn good '70s Rock tunes that probably escaped the radar of many fans outside of the New York/New Jersey area. Those Twisted Sister fans that missed the 1999 Spitfire of the album are strongly advised to snap up this Armoury remaster!
Armoury Records/Eagle Rock Entertainment Inc., 1999/2011 (ARMCD536). Made in Germany.

1. Come Back 6:32
2. Pay The Price 4:30
3. Rock N Roll Saviors 4:39
4. High Steppin 2:47
5. Big Gun 4:04
6. T.V. Wife 4:03
7. Can't Stand Still 3:58
8. Follow Me 3:54
9. I'll Never Grow Up Now 4:13
10. Lady's Boy 4:22
11. Leader Of The Pack 3:56
12. Under The Blade 4:31
13. Shoot 'em Down 3:43
Total playing time: 55:12


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