SCENT OF FLESH "Valor In Hatred" /CD/

Second full-length album by Finnish Death Metal band.
The Finish from Scent Of Flesh play brutal and quite fast Death Metal however full of melodic moments (nothing to do with the Swedish school!). The vocalist has a deep and “clean” growl which sometimes reminds the voice of the Obituary frontman, covered with spider web, mixed with Polish Christ Agony’s vocalist voice. Musically stuff is quite eclectic – there is something from Death or Severed Savior, some elements of our Vader, or even echoes of early Napalm Death and Carcass. A varied mixture, but very, very convincing. If you love Death Metal, don’t even think about hesitating… buy or die!!
Firebox Records, 2004 (Firecd017)

1. Valor in Hatred 03:43
2. Art of Beheading 03:48
3. Circle of Dark Beliefs 04:11
4. Visions of Death 05:11
5. Descent to Dark Clarity 05:10
6. Unleashed Be the Ungodly 04:08
7. Suicidal Cannibalism 04:26
8. The Last Awakening 13:11
Total playing time: 43:48

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