ACCEPT “Accept” /LP/

The debut full-length studio album by legendary German Hard’n’Heavy band. The band’s eponymous debut album was a brand of Deep Purple-like Hard Rock that was virtually indistinguishable from anything that was coming in Britain at the start of the famous NWOBHM movement. The vocals..

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DEMENCIA "Religion Of Sin" /Autographed LP/

The second full-length studio album by Chilean Thrash Metal band. “Religion Of Sin” is as it sounds, a straightforward piece of South American machinery with plenty of admiration towards the European and the American Thrash scenes. It's shattering and crushing, tormenting as if it w..



EXUMER "Hostile Defiance" /Autographed LP + Poster/

The fifth full-length studio album by legendary German-American Thrash Metal band. A mixture of material comprising fast and Thrashy numbers, melodic hooks and mid-tempo songs. With no interest in repeating themselves or treading water, Exumer always set out to create a record that is not only bet..



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