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THE BATALLION "Stronghold Of Men" /CD/

  • THE BATALLION "Stronghold Of Men" /CD/

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Debut full-length album by Norwegian Blackened Death/Thrash Metal band.
The Battalion are a something of a Bergen/Norway uber-band, containing members and ex-members from such outfits as Old Funeral, Grimfist, Borknagar and Helheim, only this isn't the Black Metal super group you'd expect, this is actually the darkest and most old-school Blackened Thrash Metal you can expect, and it kicks the proverbial ass!
Helped by a clear, yet raw sound, the guys kick right into "The Spirit Of Masculinity", a track that sums up the complete and utter testosterone injection their music is, think Hellhammer, Bathory and, of course, Old Funeral themselves, and you get a picture of just how damn evil this sounds, it reeks of oldschool, sweat, piss and all.
Following the excellent and anthemic "Born In A Grave", the guys inject some serious Punk into "Detonate", which bears the early 80's feel of bands such as Amebix and Discharge, with heavier guitars and a Metallic aftertaste that is. The wah-wah soloing towards the end is impressive, and then vocalist Stud Bronson seemingly dies with the song…
The one thing that is absolutely clear here, is that the band is having the time of it's life, they still play well, write great riffs, but above all, this has the energy of a band that really enjoys itself and doesn’t take it's shit too seriously, and there are very few bands that actually do that.
So grab a beer, re-arrange your old tape-cassette demos collection and give these guys a listen for a thrashing good time!!
Karisma Records/Mystic Empire, 2008 (MYST CD 392). Made in Russia. Used: very good.

1. The Spirit Of Masculinity     4:01 
2. Born In A Grave     3:28 
3. Detonate     2:58 
4. Man To Man (Warfare)     3:40 
5. Victims     2:48 
6. Smoke 'em Out     3:38 
7. Hate At Last Sight     3:08 
8. Tension In The Stronghold     3:07 
9. March Of The Veterans     3:34 
10. Prove Your Pain     2:56 
11. Last Dawn     3:12
Total playing time: 36:30

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