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REGARDLESS OF ME “Pleasures And Fear” /Digipack CD/

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The second full-length album by Italian Melodic Death Metal/Gothic Metal band.
Regardless Of Me definitely has their own thing going on. Their music is labeled as Melodic Progressive Trip Hop Death on their myspace page. Basically this is MeloDeath with some tech aspects and female vocals. We can hear influences from Dark Tranquility, Evanescence and Meshuggah on “Pleasures And Fear”, and it kind of works too. Evanescence is only mentioned because the female vocals are very similar. The music has nothing in common with Evanescence what so ever. As far as the music and growls go, the melodic content reminds of Dark Tranquility around “Projector”. Especially the Dark Tranquility's hit “Undo Control” is brought to mind by Regardless Of Me.
When the songs turn more towards the technical side, the riffing is somewhat Meshuggah-esque. The mix of these elements compose the entity that is Regardless Of Me. They have their own thing going, both in song structure and production. At times it brings The Project Hate to mind, if only for a short while.
“Pleasures And Fear” is solid stuff from A to Z. They are definitely moving in the right direction!!
Unexploded Records, 2011 (UER037). Made in Sweden. First press.

1. Pleasures And Fear 
2. Until I Die 
3. From A Darkened Sky 
4. The Way You Are 
5. Dispositions 
6. Frozen 
7. Made Of Steel 
8. Never Lose Myself 
9. My Bitter End

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