Total Metal Shop

How to order

All the goods in our online store are grouped into thematic sections. For your convenience, the store is equipped with a search that will help you quickly find what you need.

How to Order:

1. Register in the "Authorization" section by filling out the required contact information form. Registration is not required, but registered customers automatically connect to the accumulative system of discounts, and get access to the function of checking the Status of the order.
When registering, please provide your real personal datas. If you did not specify them during registration, then the datas of the customer and the recipient will need to be entered each time when placing an order. The shipping information is needed to send you the goods. Billing information - to identify the payment. Registration is carried out only once.
Total Metal Shop never shares personal information of the customers with anyone. Any information provided by customers will never be made available to the third party, public or private.

2. Select a currency (top of page, left).

3. Choose the goods you are interested in and its quantity, then click "Buy". The product will appear in the "Cart" (top of page, right).

4. Click "Checkout" (if you are not going to buy anything else), or "Continue shopping" (if you want to select more goods).
After adding all the goods you are interested in to the "Cart", click the "Checkout". After that, you will be automatically redirected to the "Cart".

5. In the "Cart", select "Payment method" and "Shipping method" of your order. Also, here you can edit the order, if necessary, and leave a comment.
Check all the details and, if everything is correct, click "Confirm order".
If you have chosen the method of payment "Express money transfer", you do not need to do anything else.
If you have chosen to pay online with a "VISA or MasterCard", a form for entering your card details will appear at the bottom. Enter the required information, check it carefully, and confirm the payment.
If you have chosen to pay online with "PayPal", you'll be redirected to PayPal site. Enter the required information, check it carefully, and confirm the payment.

6. After confirming the payment, you'll get an automatic email with the order number and information. You do not need to reply to this email.
Attention! If you are ordering in our store for the first time, this automatic email may get into the "Spam" folder. Therefore, please do not forget to check the "Spam" folder for the presence of this email and BE SURE to mark it as NOT SPAM, so in the future you’ll be able to receive all messages from our store.

7. As soon as the order is sent for processing, the store administrator will send you an email with confirmation of payment (if you have chosen "VISA/MasterCard" or "PayPal" payment method), or with the amount and details for payment (if you have chosen "Express money transfer" payment method).
Please check the order list, shipping address and shipping method in email. If you find an error, or want to make any changes to the order, answer to this email.

8. You can track the order status by checking the Status in the "Orders' history" menu, which will display all your orders, including previous ones (for registered customers only).

9. When your order will be shipped, the store administrator will send you an email with the tracking number of the pack with your order. So you will be able to track your order arrival date online.