ARTENSION "Into The Eye Of The Storm" /CD/

Japanese Edition of the debut full-length album by American Neo-Classical/Progressive Metal band. Artension was the brainchild of Shrapnel Records head Mike Varney. He received a demo from wunderkind keyboardist Vitalij Kuprij (Transiberian Orchestra) and Swiss Progressive guitarist Roger Staffelba..



CHRIST AGONY "Darkside" /Autographed Pit-Art CD/

Re-release of the fourth full-length album by the cult Polish Black/Death/Dark Metal band. Dark Side awake. It is in each of us, and sleeps from time to time. Unleash the dark side, and you will know what it can do... It is the dark side of the human soul is devoted to the occult and pagan masterpi..




The sixth full-length album by legendary British Melodic Alternative/Hard Rock band. The album marked a musical departure from their signature sound. After the lackluster performance of "Adrenalize", Def Leppard realized it was time to abandon their trademark wall-of-guitars sound. Jettis..



FAIR WARNING “Rainmaker” /CD/

The second full-length album by the German Melodic Hard Rock band. Considered by many as the band's 'epitome' in their sort-lived career, "Rainmaker" sold really good in Japan - 140000 copies, during the Grunge 'tornado' - and 'established' the band as a fave f..



FATES WARNING "Perfect Symmetry" /CD/

Japanese release of the fifth full-length album by the legendary American Progressive Metal band. Perhaps most significant album in the Fates Warning discography, as this was the album that departed most stridently from their old sound and forged irrevocably into Prog Metal territory. Their Metal ..



GILLAN “Double Trouble” /CD/

The fifth full-length album by the legendary British Hard Rock band. Album was released during the heyday for the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, when Heavy Metal was seeing a resurgence especially in Gillan's homeland. Many, including Ian Gillan himself, rank "Double Trouble" as the..



GRENOUER "Lifelong Days" /Autographed CD/

Russian edition of the sixth full-length album by cult Russian Industrial Groove Modern Death Metal band. “Lifelong Days” is basically overflowing with interesting song ideas. Grenouer even seems more than capable of shifting the band's entire personality within individual songs in ..



HADES “SaviorSelf” /CD/

Famous Heavy/Power/Thrash Metal band from New Jersey (U.S.A.). Screaming, powerful vocals and soaring guitar leads with a tight rhythm section characterize the latest release by Hades, which comes after a ten-year hiatus. Music is less progressive and traditional metal sounding than the sort Queens..



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