SCULPTOR "Dark October" /CD/

Second full-length album from Russian Doom Black Metal one-man project.
Aggressive Raw Doom/Death Metal with nice melodies.
Enter a place of sorrow, while opening the rusty garden gate. A grey soundscape of cold melancholia... dive yourself into a landscape with no hope.
Backfire Productions, 2008 (BP009)

1.Интро (Осенний Марш) / Intro (Autumnal March) 02:48
2.Облака Печали / Clouds of Sorrow 07:51
3.Черный Огонь / Black Fire 07:15
4.Вечно Против / Always Against 05:59
5.Безумство / Madness 07:38
6.…Черно-Белым Цветом / …in Black and White 06:43
7.Жертвы за Шедевры / Sacrifices for Masterpieces 09:24
Total playing time: 47:38

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