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First time re-release on CD of the debut full-length album by Brazilian Heavy/Doom Metal band.
The first so-called "White Metal" band in Brazil with their back to 1993’s album!
Can anyone really think of an 80's, real Doom Metal band from South America? Calvario were not real Doom nor 80's, but they were as close as you'd get. Band's dark and obscure Metal sound so typically Italian. Fans of The Black, Paul Chain's Violet Theatre, Run After To, Dark Ages and the likes should really take a peek across the Atlantic, above the '89-horizon and check this one out.
Already with "Tola Odisséia" we are thrown into a Dark Quarterer/Omega (UK)-like maelstrom of Black Sludge. The quick jump to more generic Heavy Metal and then a seedy ballad on the tracks to come saves you from completely losing your breath. It's not too far away from Black Hole's bleaker moments. The instrumental title track shred! Suddenly they're a galloping, melodic Epic Metal band! ...And then more Doom follows in "Pacto", this time more straight-forward and pounding. "Passporte Ao Paraíso" starts out as an aucusting, medieval 'ballad' that half-way into the song turns into yet another soaring Doom-Rocker. Ending with the heavy, epic headbanger "Tempos De Justica", Calvario prove themselves to be one of Brazil's best hidden secrets.
One of the rarest White Metal albums of all time finally on CD! Recorded back in 1993, but sounding totally 80's, this is a lost treasure from the Underground, and it’s a mandatory cult Metal release!!
For fans of Cirith Ungol, Dark Quarterer and Omen!!!
Remastered CD edition features three bonus tracks from 2009 and video clip.
Blood & Iron Records, 1993/2009 (IRON007). Made in Portugal. First press.

1. Tola Odissιia
2. Herdeiros do Reino
3. Bosques em Coma
4. Jesus aos que Vivem Perdidos
6. Pacto
7. Passaporte ao Paraνso
8. Tempos de Justiηa
Bonus Tracks:
9. Arcanjos de Guerra
10. Mestre do Planeta
11. Godzilla
Total playing time: 55:21

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