DECEPTION "Nails Sticking Offensive" /7" CD Pack/

Merciless, fast and pure death metal from Poland.
This CD brings nine blasphemous satanic acts and one intro.
Very aggressive riffs, mighty drums, just brutal music.
CD is done in fold-out binding in size of 18 x 18 centimeters
(after folding it out is 18 x 54 centimeters).
Old Temple, 2007 (OLD .14.)

1.Intro 01:14
2.Nails Sticking Offensive 02:15
3.Convicted By Destination 02:29
4.Praying To Liar 01:34
5.The New Age of Death 03:10
6.Deviant Prophet 02:29
7.Panzer Crusade 03:49
8.Apocalyptic Protection 03:48
9.Postnuclear Encyclica 04:31
10.Conceited God 02:59

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