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PAIN “Dancing With The Dead” /CD/

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    Band: PAIN
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The fourth full-length album by the legendary Swedish Electronic/Industrial Metal/Rock band.
Peter Tägtgren is talented, and very much so. He writes, he plays, he sings, he plays some more. And "Dancing With The Dead" just might be one of the best things he's done so far. Pain's sound is a very well executed blend of Industrial/Techno sounds and Speed Metal. The entire affair is incredibly melodic, and to refer to the project as Pop songs with a Metal makeover is no unfair criticism - you just have to be really pretentious to let that distract you from having fun listening to this.
Peter does not actually make a lot of notice on tehnique here, so forget about any solo's or classic Metal riffing, this is pretty simple and would be very sucky if Peter was not so good in songwriting. And there he manages to nail it pretty hard. The songs simply sound good, there is no higher theory or explanation but that one, and there are some incredibly catchy songs to be found on here.
Every song seems to follow an identical structure - Verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, chorus, chorus... Even so, each track on this album has a different feel from the next. Some of them have deliberately epic meloldies ("Same Old Song"), some are really fu***ng fast ("Bye/Die"), and some are so damn addictive to listen to that even a year after acquiring the album.
Recommended for fans of newer material from The Kovenant and Samael!!
The album reach #3 on the Swedish album charts.
Stockholm Records, a Universal Music Company/Universal Music AB, 2004 (986 912-6). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Don't Count Me Out 4:39 
2. Same Old Song 3:58 
3. Nothing 4:07 
4. The Tables Have Turned 4:22 
5. Not Afraid To Die 4:15 
6. Dancing With The Dead 4:13 
7. Tear It Up 3:57 
8. Bye/Die 3:02 
9. My Misery 3:55 
10. A Good Day To Die 3:44 
11. Stay Away 3:19 
12. The Third Wave 3:50
Total playing time: 47:21 min.


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