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CONFESS “Haunters” /CD/

  • CONFESS “Haunters” /CD/

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    Band: CONFESS
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The secnd full-length album by Swedish Hard Rock/Glam Metal band.
Confess call themselves just a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band, but principles of terminology aside, "Haunters" sees band's style evolve a bit towards genuine Heavy Metal, from the strong Glam (or "Sleaze" as they call it in Sweden these days) sound of their 2014 debut "Jail".
The album features an intriguing cover art that, in addition to immediately capturing the attention of any fan looking for retro sound, also manages to establish strong identity for the band, set around their alleged anthem, "We Are the Rats". 
"Jail" was not a bad album, but "Haunters" tops it in every aspect imaginable. Not only that some parts of the first half of the album are straight up NWOBHM, that would please way more metalheads than the Mötley Crüe-esque sound of their debut. But also the tracks show much more complexity and content, way better management of tempo and offset of slow versus fast, and hard versus soft segments, and most importantly - the band sounds like they actually have something to say with their music. An original message to convey, a statement to make, rather than just to put out an album and be proud of existing.
John Elliot's voice is brilliant throughout the record, never dropping the ball for a second. The drumming is simple but solid, while still having a few moments here and there to shine on its own. Bass - perfect, guitars - brilliant, production - clean and tight. Every song features a distinct melody, and while the atmosphere is clearly inspired from the 80's.
"Haunters" would be a great addition to any Glam Metal fan's collection, and also a valuable addition for any Heavy Metal fan, who doesn't feel strong hatred or disgust towards Glam influences.
SG Records, 2017 ‎(SGCD101-2). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Irony 1:15 
2. Strange Kind Of Affection 4:00
3. Stand Our Ground 4:09
4. We Are The Rats 4:08
5. Haunting You 4:08
6. Talia 4:00
7. How Could I Let You Go 5:29
8. Animal Attraction 4:58
9. I Won't Die 5:20
10. Lady Of Night 4:38
11. Tonight 2:59
12. Let The Show Go On 6:20
13. Eye To Eye 3:31
14. Vittring 3:20
Total playing time: 58:22 min.


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