TOP’ "Ravens Flied" /CD/

Debut full-length album by Russian Shamanic Pagan Folk Black Metal band, side project of BEER BEAR members.
Sound Age Productions, 2011 (SAPCD 211)

1.Я лес (I'm forest) 02:20
2.Волчий Пастырь (Shepherd of wolf) 06:31
3.Север-владыка жестокий (North-cruel lord) 12:35
4.Цвета крови рассвет (Dawn Colors of blood) 04:25
5.Летели вороны (Ravens Flied) 09:16
6.Маразула (Marazula) 03:47
7.Водокрес (Water christening) 01:14
8.Топь (Swamp) 05:13
9.Равноденствие (Equinox) 07:12
10.Тропою звёзд (By path of stars) 02:25
Total playing time: 54:58

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