SHAMAN “Origins” /CD/

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The fourth full-length album by the Brazilian Progressive/Power Metal band.
Mixing the rhythms of world music with the virtuosity of Power Metal creates a potent witches' brew of sounds on Shaman's "Origins". You'll get plenty of speedy solos and soaring falsettos, that often accompanied by a sense of rhythm - sometimes bordering on outright funk - that sets this Brazilian band apart from other Power Metal acts.
Thiago Bianchi's Steve Perry-ish vocals power many of the songs, with an impressive upper range that's as at home on rockers like "Inferno Veil" as it is on the quieter, but no less potent "S.S.D. (Signed Sealed And Delivered)." He's definitely got pipes to spare — sometimes going a little too far on the falsetto ("No Mind").
A Power Metal band is often only as good as its guitarist. In Leo Mancini, Shaman has found an ax-man excelling both in the areas of shredding (the mind-blowing intro to "Lethal Awakening", for example) and melody (the acoustic intro to "Blind Messiah"). He also manages to create a near-Thrash sense of heaviness in parts of "Ego Pt. 2".
Ex-Angra drummer Ricardo Confessori has a much more Groove-oriented style than many Power Metal skin-pounders (though the double-bass setup gets a fair workout here, as well). Much of the world music influence comes through in his drumming, particularly on tracks like "Finally Home" and "Inferno Veil".
On the downside, there are a couple of tracks that feel like filler, including the piano ballad "Rising Up To Life" and the aforementioned exercise in vocal excess "No Mind".
Providing a more rhythm-oriented experience, Shaman's "Origins" serves up plenty of the soaring vocals and shredding solos that will thrill Power Metal fans. It's little wonder the band is one of the biggest in Brazil these days!
CD includes nice foldout cover.
Scarlet records, 2010 (SC 195-2). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Origins (The Day I Died) 0:59
2. Lethal Awakening 3:38
3. Inferno Evil 5:20
4. Ego Pt. I 2:19
5. Ego Pt. II 4:59
6. Finally Home 5:50
7. Rising Up To Life 3:36
8. No Mind 4:10
9. Blind Messiah 5:40
10. S.S.D. (Signed Sealed And Delivered 5:50
Total playing time: 42:21

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