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HOLY RAGE “Holy Rage” /CD/

  • HOLY RAGE “Holy Rage” /CD/

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    Band: HOLY RAGE
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The debut full-length album by the British Heavy Metal band.
The new band of original Judas Priest former vocalist Al Atkins!!
Al Atkins founded Judas Priest in 1969, along with original bass player Bruno Stapenhill. Atkins was in Judas Priest until 1973, when he left after three years of touring with no record deal. He was replaced by Rob Halford. During his time in Judas Priest, Atkins co-wrote many classic Priest songs that were used on the first two albums including: “Victim of Changes”, “Winter”, “Never Satisfied”, “Dreamer Deceiver” and “Caviar and Meths”. Since playing with Priest, Atkins has released five solo CDs with his own band called Al Atkins. Also, he recently wrote and released an autobiography about his life in Judas Priest titled “Dawn of the Metal Gods”.
What about Holy Rage debut album, it's should appeal to fans of Judas Priest with a modern Metal edge. Opening track "Just Don't Run" showcases the grinding no nonsense Heavy Metal with Atkins at the helm, with the twin guitars courtesy of Chris Johnson and Vince ' O'Regan, Steve Mercy pounds out some monster bass lines, while the rock foundation that is Mick Hales brings it all together with a powerhouse drum beat. We then move into probably the best track on offer, the massive "Kingdom Of Hell", it’s a real ball buster of a song that wouldn't look out of place on the latest offerings by bands such as Trivium and Avenged Sevenfold. Any album featuring Atkins wouldn't be complete without that trademark Priest sound and the twin guitar licks and powerhouse backbeat are right out of the likes of "Sad Wings Of Destiny" and "Rocka Rolla", but with a modern Metal edge, and "Love At War" certainly has all these in abundance. The guitars of O'Regan and Johnson just ignite this album and are showcased perfectly on "Wasted Away", a real grinding Metal tune, together with the superb "Invincible", two really heavy pieces of old school Metal that really reinforce Atkins' Metal credentials.
One thing about the classic Priest songs was the Epic Metal pieces, who can forget the likes of "Victim Of Changes", "Genocide" and "Diamond and Rust", and the latter is what "Poison Dreams" reminds of, an all out Metal song but with a more narrative gentle edge, all in all classic Atkins' power-driven Metal at its best. Tracks like the thumping "Give Them Hell", the grinding "Redemption Road" and the excellent "Anguish" highlight the very competent axe wielding of O'Regan and Johnson. Things get really meaty on the bass and drum front with the anthemic tones of "Victory" before the album comes to a close with the very heavy "JDR Conclusion".
Quite a decent offering from Mr Atkins new project, and should appeal to fans of Judas Priest with a modern Metal edge!
Z Records, 2010 (ZR 0497143). Made in UK. First press.

1. Just Don't Run     4:38 
2. Kingdom Of Hell     4:37 
3. Love At War     5:58 
4. Waste Away     3:58 
5. Invincible     4:40 
6. Poison Dreams     9:44 
7. Give Them Hell     5:13 
8. Redemption Road     4:25 
9. Anguish     5:19 
10. Victory     5:44 
11. Jdr Conclusion     1:03
Total playing time: 55:29

Samples:  http://www.lastfm

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