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Second full-length album by Japanese Progressive Power Metal band.
Fatima Hill is the brain-child of Anjue Yamashiro, who plays "6 & 12 strings" as well as electric mandolin for this album. "Aion" features the unique vocal stylings of Diva Yuko's groaning 80's-style vibrato that manages to sound vaguely like Siouxsie Sioux.
Guitar wizard and band mastermind, Anjue Yamashiro, delivers excellent Power Metal tracks. Heavy buzzsaw riffs in "Ares Dragon" flow over the audible grumbling bass lines. A touch of synthesizer here and there does not distract. Some samples are even orchestral in their nature. The balance between keyboard and guitar has the latter winning the match in the excellent harmonized lead. Voice of Yuko is both melodic and powerful. Quiet synthesizers open up playing the main melody, and then drums kick in. After a verse and the catchiest chorus Yamashiro produces an Eastern influenced lead with lots of fast scales playing.
After two Power Metal songs, album goes more in the direction of the Japanese Folk influenced radio friendly Pop Rock style. Keyboards take on increasingly heavier load and on "Other". Poppy and radio friendly, but good Metal music.
The bass player, Hayato Asano, is an excellent musician and deserves a boatload of credit. Where he is allowed to be heard, he delivers. The production is definitely not powerful, and puts an emphasis on the radio friendliness.
Be prepared for eight new tracks of Japanese wonder children.This magnificent band sounds like Rainbow, Dio and Black Sabbath (Dio era). Their bombastic Power Metal contains some fabulous guitarwork, great song strucutres and the heavenly voice of their female singer Yuko. Enjoy their dark, sometimes Doomy Metal with lots of fast guitar breaks. These Japanese musicians are also continuing the great Japanese Metal tradition that started in the early eighties with bands like Loudness, Bow Wow, Earthshaker, X-Ray and 44 Magnum. But the music of this band comes nearer to more obscure names like Murasaki and Eastern Orbit. Fans of Japanese Metal will know exactly what its mean!
Fatima Hil Records/WorldChaos Production, 2002 (KDM-008). Made in Japan. Pressed in Hong Kong.

1. Ares Dragon 6:05
2. Babel Dune 3:58
3. The Black Bat 4:23
4. Aeon 4:24
5. Ultimata 6:37
6. Other 6:24
7. Stigmata 6:24
8. The Song For Beatrice Part3 (The Seven Songs) 9:20
Total playing time: 47:35


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