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EVIL MACHINE “War In Heaven” /CD/

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The debut full-length album by Polish Thrash/Death Metal band.
Evil Machine is created by non-random crewmembers from and old, Metal Guard: Hal (Vader), Cyjan (Dead Infection), Cyprian (Conquest Icon) of finally possessed by hell Seba Semihazah. On the recording session appeared also some well-known guests from Christ Aony, Behemoth and Vader! That smelling with hell’s stench album contains of ten destroying everything old-sounding compositions - 43 minutes of rotten sounded Death Metal with Thrash and Doom elements and the stale, old-fashioned atmosphere!!
There are a lot of memories from 80’s here: echoes of Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, old Kreator, Poison, Venom or Sodom. Gentlemen don’t try to be original, but they play what’s in their heart, and as they’re old veterans, so they’re totally into old Metal classics. Also surprising is very archaic, dirty sound. Material was recorded in different studios, but for the final mix in went to Hertz Studio, which is known from clear, sterile sounding productions. This time material haven’t been marked with this stigma and kept dirty, basement sound. In the semi moment it sounds very selective.
It’s also worth mentioning, that next to the author’s songs of band there are two marvelously played covers. First one is “Power From Hell” by Onslaught with total vocals of Peter (Vader), and second one, “Die Hard”, comes from repertoire of NWOBHM gods Venom. And also here band reduced to dust everything that’s holy.
Evil Machine released ass-kicking debut. Including members of Vader (Peter), Behemoth (Seth), Christ Agony (Cezar), ex- Hate (Cyprian Konador) and Dead Infection (Cyjan), this album will pleased all fans of old school Black/Death/Doom Metal, especially fans of Hellhammer and old Celtic Frost!!
Arachnophobia Records, 2013 (ARA002). Made in Poland. First press.

1. Cross Meant Death 5:09
2. When Demons Call 2:59
3. Prometeus 3:48
4. Diabeł 5:06
5. Four Demons Of Apocalypse 4:09
6. Onslaught (Power From Hell) 4:31
7. Bloody Emperor 3:59
8. Evil Machine 5:47
9. Die Hard 3:12
10. Jerusodoma 4:02
Total playing time: 42:42

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