THE MASS “Towards Darkness” /CD/

The debut and only full-length album by Canadian Sludge/Doom Metal band.
Now known as Towards Darkness, The Mass, have been active in the underground Canadian Doom scene for over a decade. Under their old name band played a form of Sludgy Death Doom, releasing a full-length album in 2004 before adopting a new style with the name change the following year.
Allow the slow crawl to seep through your pores long enough, and your befuddlement will be whisked away by the foreboding sonic heft brought on by this outfit. Well-measured tempos give this affair a truly chilling effect, and when the roaring Isis-like vocals kick in, best brace yourself for a maelstrom to crush your soul!
Great White North Records, 2004 (GWN015). Made in Canada. First press.

1. Drifting 8:07
2. Abscence 7:01
3. The Beacon 8:06
4. Despair 6:29
5. Vile Requiem 8:57
6. Towards Darkness 7:50
Total playing time: 46:30

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