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PLAN E “Songs For A Rainy Day” /CD/

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    Band: PLAN E
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Re-release of the debut full-length album by Finnish Psychedelic Dark Gothic/Industrial band, the project of Jani Lehtosaari (ex-Impaled Nazarene).
After a few EPs, two mini-albums, and a 10" Plan E have finally released their debut full-length album. As expected, Plan E continues to mutate and adapt their sound. "Songs For A Rainy Day" finds the band more down to earth and more direct than most of their other releases. Not that they are any less experimental, just that their experiments are more focused.
This is their heaviest and darkest collection of songs to date. Not to mention their best! The guitars play a more dominating role in the music than ever before. The keyboards add to the overall sonic wall by careening wildly around the music, sometimes just teasing the sound peripherally and other times joining in the fray as a full contributor. The vocals are thick and menacing. There are plenty of Industrial touches and sound embellishments that also add to the stifling atmosphere on the disc. It is amazing how the sound of a dentist's drill will make a spooky song turn downright evil!
The biggest step the band has made is in their song writing. Without losing any or the quirkiness that has come to define the band, they have sculpted a batch of tunes that are related in form and flavor to more mundane musical genres like Metal, Industrial and Gothic. This affords the band a base from which to launch their more adventurous sounds without alienating those with little imagination. Consequently this album should appeal to a much wider base of fans than the members of Plan E are used to!
Solardisk Records/Root of All Evil/Left Alone Creations, 1988/1999 (ROE-010 / LAC-008). Made in UK. Pressed in Canada.

1. Blindhouse 3:22
2. Shape Shift 2:55
3. Less Sea More Poison 2:48
4. My Skeleton 3:22
5. When Wings Drag On The Ground 3:34
6. Decades (bonus track) 4:31
7. Funeral Foundation 2:54
8. Mexican Stars 3:00
9. Chinese Eyes 4:58
10. Head On The Floor 1:53
11. Finale 4:07
Total playing time: 37:24


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