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SHAMAN "Immortal" /CD/

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    Band: SHAMAN
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The third full-length album by Brazilian Progressive/Power Metal band.
Ricardo Confessori cleaned up the house in 2006, remaining the only active member of Shaman due to "musical differences" with former band mates André Matos, Hugo & Luis Mariutti and Fabio Ribeiro. After posting two studio releases since their previous split from Angra, could the Brazilian scene handle another split? Well, 2007 brought us the answer with a new lineup and a new fantastic album, "Immortal"!
With Léo Mancini filling in on guitars, Fernando Quesada on bass and Thiago Bianchi on vocals, the band struck gold to recreate the golden years of Brazilian Metal. Obviously oriented more Progressive than ever due to Ricardo's drumming, this "Immortal" brings furious heavy tunes and power ballads back to life!
Sure, the vocal style is very similar to André Matos but why complain? After all, that is what we would expect as Angra did the exact same thing when André left the band and replaced him by Edu Falaschi. The accentuated Progressive edge of the songs renders this album the best thing coming out of the diverse projects created from the ashes of the original Angra lineup since 1996's Holy Land. With enraged guitar work and epic compositions, this new Shaman will seduced your musical senses like never before. Songs like "Strength" and "Freedom" embody the essence of the new Shaman, fast, catchy and technical!!
It remains Power Metal by all aspect as it is clear on the opener "Inside Chains", and a handful of songs might be perceived as too cheesy. The band is younger and the new musicians all have something new to offer.
If you liked the previous Shaman albums, it's strongly recommended to check out André Matos solo project instead. On the other hand, if the thought of hearing great Prog Power appeals to you, "Immortal" is definitely for you! You are standing in front of one of 2007's best Progressive Metal albums, and surely one of the surprises of the year!! Now, we know what musical differences arose between Confessori and his former band mates.
Scarlet Records, 2007 (SC 147-2 / SPV 176152 CD). Made in Italy. Pressed in Austria. First press.

1. Renovatti     2:59 
2. Inside Chains     4:23 
3. Tribal By Blood     4:17 
4. Immortal     5:53 
5. One Life     5:03 
6. In The Dark     4:17 
7. Strength     4:17 
8. Freedom     4:43 
9. Never Yield!     4:47 
10. The Yellow Brick Road     8:17
Total playing time: 48:56

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