HERMH "After The Fire - Ashes" /MCD/

Second EP of cult Polish Symphonic Black Metal band.
A new dose of vampirism, covered in Symphonic Black Metal of Polish romanticists!!
Limited edition digipack.
Witching Hour Prod./Pagan Records, 2008 (EVIL 012 MCD)

1.PurgatorY 01:29
2.HermetiC 04:46
3.CrownympH 05:09
4.WolfisH FloweR 02:50
5.BlacK MetaL (Venom cover) 03:15
6.Red BlooD RunninG (RED EMPREZ version) 03:48
7.SeptU AnnU - TheorY of NaturE (Live) 07:27
8.BacK FroM DivinE (Live) 04:03
9.FeaR of BlooD (Live) 05:53
10.VampyroniuM (Live) 04:30
Total playing time: 43:10

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Second EP of cult Polish Gothic/Symphonic Black Metal band. First Hermh's release after 5 years of silence. It contains 2 brand new tracks, 3 re-recorded ones & 2 cover versions (Bathory, Mayhem). There's admittedly a lot of layers in the music here and it's executed very profession..