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MY DYING BRIDE “Evinta” /Slipcase 2CD/

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The eleventh full-length album by the legendary British Doom Metal band.
This album is a development of many of My Dying Bride's older musical themes and riffs, which were re-written for a variety of classical instruments, rather than the traditional Metal music instruments; these riffs were combined with new vocals and music, thus creating a release characteristic of both a studio album and a compilation.
"Evinta is project almost 15 years in the making. An idea that has sat smoldering and never really had a reason to burn alive until now. 9 albums worth of darkness recreated anew to mark 20 years of My Dying Bride. Music arranged to the soundscapes of sorrows past. Finally the 20th anniversary allows us to release this music in a form it has been desperately, woefully waiting for. Enjoy the Darkness". - My Dying Bride press release, April 5, 2011.
The idea for "Evinta" dates back to the mid-1990s, when Martin Powell was still in the band; however, the idea was shelved when Powell left both due to the lack of a violin in the band and also due to the possibility that a release of this kind would seem exceptionally pretentious, coming from a band who had been around for merely five years. Once a violinist returned, however, and the band had gained more experience, they began to work on "Evinta" with an aim of releasing in October 2010, to celebrate the band's 20th anniversary. However, this was later pushed back to "until it's ready".
Unlike your regular My Dying Bride record, this time, the band dropped all the guitars, drums and bass, and based their idea on orchestrations (provided by Johnny Maudling of Bal-Sagoth fame), synths, some electronic stuff here and there, and of course, Aaron’s voice helped by the French soprano singer Lucie Roche. Throughout the album, you’ll be hearing tunes that go from “As the Flower Withers” to “For Lies I sire”. It’s quite difficult to point out any track, since the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, however they all share some of the most beautiful and shivering moments, as well as some parts that drag, but after all it's My Dying Bride we’re talking about.
Whether you like it or not, you’ll realize that the Metal elements are not by all means necessary to achieve the band’s goal, of delivering a magnificent dark opera. It’s also quite interesting to hear familiar melodies, and try to identify which original song it belongs to.
More than just a regular “best of”, what we have here is simply daring. A unique opportunity, with absolutely no sequel, for the band to present us something special to celebrate their existence!!
Peaceville Records, 2011 (CDVILEF324). Made in Poland. First press.


CD 1:
1. In Your Dark Pavilion     10:04
2. You Are Not the One Who Loves Me     06:48 
3. Of Lilies Bent with Tears     07:11 
4. The Distance, Busy with Shadows     10:47
5. Of Sorry Eyes in March     10:34

CD 2:
1. Vanité Triomphante     12:21 
2. That Dress and Summer Skin     09:39 
3. And Then You Go     09:22 
4. A Hand of Awful Rewards     10:21

Total playing time: 87:07


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