NECRATAL "Envuelto En Llamas" /CD/

Debut full-length album by Argentinean Thrash Metal band.
One of the most representative bands from the Argentinean Metal scene!
Modern choppy Thrash mixing heavy and faster passages in almost equal dozes, but the attempts to blend both styles into one song, ruins the energetic tone of some of them.
In the 2nd half the guys apparently get tired and slide down to more repetitive, mid-paced formulas. "Marcado En Tu Piel" would be a rude awakening being a much more energetic thrasher, except for the balladic stretch in the middle; which carries the force after it sweeping the next "Gran Herida", another vigorous piece, and partially the closing "Penumbras" which at some point introduces the characteristic pounding riffage of late-80's Slayer before the infectious galloping riffs wrap it up nicely later on.
The classic shadow of Thrash is felt here and there, apparently provided by Fabian Ruiz, the Paganos guitarist, who may bring more retro moments for the future, if staying longer with the band.
100% recommended for fans of: Sepultura, Pantera and Lamb of God!!
Pacheco Records, 2011. Made in Argentina. First press.

1. Intro  01:01
2. Caceria  03:30
3. Insano  04:56
4. Siete  03:47
5. Cadenas  03:25
6. Poseido  02:54
7. Morir Asi  04:16
8. Marcado en tu Piel  03:57
9. Gran Herida  03:17
10. Extincion  04:00
11.Penumbras  04:20
Total playing time:  39:23

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