SERPENT CHRIST "Mortuus in Anima" /CD/

An offering of Pure Death Metal - just the way it has to be.
Serpent Christ from Venezuela presents a brutal and technical masterpiece;
filled with darkness and guttural attacks. "Mortuus in Anima" is a disturbing,
compelling and attractive CD for those followers of Morbid Angel, Nile and Immolation.
Concreto Records / Zompanth Records, 2009  (CDCR36)

1.Manifest In Blood 03:18
2.The kingdom Come 03:39
3.The Alliance has Died 03:45
4.Experiment by Torture 03:09
5.Tribulation to Paradise 03:31
6.Mortuus In Anima 06:17
7.Blinded Existence 03:10
8.Maximum Oblation 01:46
9.From Victimary to Victim 03:46
10.Macabre Obsession 04:36

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