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Official release of the third full-length studio album by the German Power/Speed Metal band.
Shortly before the curtain fell on 2014, Germany’s Stormhunter self-released their third album, "An Eye For An I". Going through whole album, you really receive a true message of what Heavy Metal is, defined melodies combined with perfectly good vibrato. Entire album is a dance, a beautiful Waltz of two Metal genres, in which they float on the riffs and surf the majestic wave of New Wave British Heavy Metal sound. It’s fast, it’s melodic, it’s anthemic and catchy, it’s heavy and guitar-centric, and it’s Teutonic as all hell. The 12 tracks (spanning 48 minutes) are high-energy, with stout singalong choruses, buzzsaw riffs and ever-present melodies.
Singer Frank Urschler is a bit of an acquired taste. His vocals are slightly gruff and definitely limited in range. Still, he does the most he can with what he has, and has improved markedly over previous Stormhunter releases. And to his credit, Urschler is very distinctive, so you’ll know right away what band you’re listening to. Really, it’s a shame that "An Eye For An I" hasn’t made more of a ripple in Underground Metal circles.
This album should fit nicely into your music collection alongside the likes of Lonewolf, Elvenstorm, Paragon, Wizard, Stormwarrior, Blazon Stone and so on. It’s a high-quality release of pure, unabashed German Heavy Metal excellence from the heart, and it deserves to be heard!!
G.U.C., 2014/2016 (G.U.C. 032-16). Made in Germany. First press. Yellow-black marbled vinyl.


Side A:
1. A Thousandth Part 
2. Among The Blind 
3. Cathodic Messiah 
4. Victimized 
5. Tortured Mind

Side B:
6. Prelude To Madness 
7. Hell (Is What You Make Of It) 
8. Of Knights And Men 
9. An Eye For An I 
10. Parasite 
11. Running Down 
12. Spring Is In The Air

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