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DEFILEMENT “Revel In Madness” /CD/

  • DEFILEMENT “Revel In Madness” /CD/

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Second full-length album by Serbian Brutal Death Metal band.
What we have here are extremely distorted, low-tuned chainsaw guitars with heavy mind blowing riffs, sick gory break downs and speed picking, giving an extremely sick and mean atmosphere. As in every track, guitars are shredding as the bass comes to Grind the Slashes of the shattered guts all over the place. You can clearly hear the bass guitar playing over everything, adding more aggressiveness to the music itself. Drums are way too fast and skilled, giving a feeling of insanity, and loosing the neck for an ultimate headbang, speed rolls and blast-beats and an extremely heavy sound!
The vocals are not of that beg-n'-squeal voice or that unheard vocals style. You can hear it clearly: extreme, brutal and aggressive yet heard and is overall firm vocalization!
Excellent brutal Death Metal debut, which will appeal for fans of Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Suffocation and the likes!!
Rebirth The Metal Productions, (RTM009). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Emerging     04:10 
2. Rotting Crypt     03:00 
3. Mindless and Aggressive     03:36 
4. World Cadaver     02:04 
5. Baptism of a Deadborn     04:02 
6. Psychotic     02:36 
7. Torture Room     02:22 
8. Mountains of Flesh     03:48 
9. Closure     02:22 
10. The Axe     02:04
Total playing time: 30:04


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