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DESPAIR “Decay Of Humanity” /CD/

  • DESPAIR “Decay Of Humanity” /CD/

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    Band: DESPAIR
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First re-release of the second full-length album by German Technical Thrash/Speed Metal band.
Formed by upcoming former of Century Media Records, Robert Kampf, and including in lineup so cult person as multi-instrumentalist and producer Waldemar Sorychta, Despair for sure can be named as one of the cult Old School Thrash Metal band.
Only active from 1986 to 1993, Despair brought their own version of high speed Technical Thrash Metal which brought two demos, two EPs and three full-length records, though a short run the band is still recognized as an inspiration to many bands as well as being a band favored by the Underground.
"Decay Of Humanity" was not exactly a vast improvement over Despair's debut but at least it showed some hints of progress even slightly. The better production makes this album sound heavier than its predecessor and the songwriting is somewhat more streamlined, thus resulting in a bit more listenable output. The tracks flow rather effortlessly throughout the album.
The first few tracks of the record will give the listener a great understanding as to what we can expect from the rest of the record, but at the same time bringing us into a world of technical riffs, which wrap so perfectly around the ears. This can certainly be said for the first track entitled "Decay Of Humanity" as we see the band use some smooth and very tight riffs mixed with a fantastic sound quality which compliments vocalist Andreas Henschel's voice perfectly while keeping every instrument in perfect match with one another. With the third track, "Delusion", we get a very strange mixture of sounds and styles, which for this record work perfectly giving something different for each song and a different experience for the listener in general. Though it can be said that the band have some really out there ideas when it came to creating these songs as there seems to be this pleasant weirdness, which can be admired by any guitar fan.
As we venture onward to the next track entitled "Victims Of Vanity", we start slower then the previous few tracks while at the same time building towards a larger scale sound which goes a bit chaotic in a good way show casing some very sinister riffs mixed with a hint of madness, but really this is what makes this track work and makes it stand out as with this track there is a lot more to observe and also learn from.
The record's main focus seems to be to be something different, but to also keep it as familiar as possible while adding new ideas which have a different vibe and forceful approach. This is accomplished through insane guitar and bass work to which complement the drum work of Markus Freiwald. And we go through this record the main thing that stands out is the guitar work of Marek Grzeszek and Waldemar Sorychta which a perfect combination of harmonies and ideas brought to life in the most perfect way.
This CD would be a gem for every Thrash Metal culture collector and maybe yours too! 
Century Media Records/Punishment 18 Records, 1990/2015 (P18R 100). Made in Italy.

1. Decay Of Humanity 5:49 
2. Cry For Liberty 4:57 
3. Delusion 4:55 
4. Victims Of Vanity 6:02 
5. A Distant Territory 5:18 
6. Silent Screaming 4:47 
7. Radiated 4:33 
8. Satanic Verses 1:55
Total playing time: 38:18


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