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  • ENDLESS RECOVERY “Thrash Rider” /CD/

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Debut full-length album by the Greek Thrash Metal band.
Thrash Metal with caustic lyrics against the political system and all the odds that the reality of the capital has forced us to live under. The guys obviously draw inspiration from the difficult times that people pass through all around the world and of course in Greece and they turn this frustration and anger into 8 full of energy Thrash Metal compositions.
The thing with Endless Recovery is that they prefer the traditional 80’s sound, but they don’t sound retro at all. On the contrary their music is fresh with good riffs and in general it has all these elements that a fan of the sound would appreciate.
So if you like good old Kreator with some Slayer and Sacred Reich elements and with a few Punk Rock spins, then “Thrash Rider” is a release that you should check out!!
Eat Metal Records, 2013 (EMR / CPC). Made in Greece.

1. Urban Crime     04:37
2. War in the Streets     03:34
3. Power of Hate     04:01
4. Corrupted Media Propaganda     03:54
5. Vision of the Youth     03:34
6. Habits' Mutation     05:00
7. Handicapped Corpse     02:39
8. Thrash Rider     02:45
Total playing time: 30:04

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