MY FUNERAL “Violence Academy” /CD/

The third full-length album by Finnish Thrash Metal band.
The band is really a Technical Thrash Metal band than anything else. Right from the fast-paced riffs, to the solos to the drum blast beats, everything on offer is just heaven for Thrash fans. The band does fall short of getting the backing vocals right, leading to a pale anthemic feel of the songs which could have been so much better with different style and better production - but the solo screams by Sepponen are commendable.
The album takes off right from the first song “Violence Academy”. “Violence For Violence” really is one of the better songs on offer here as the riffs come is a beautiful rhythmic way with a complex song writing displayed here, as the song moves into a low tempo mode in the middle, building the tension in an intriguing way before going back to the heavy riffage mode, all without sounding anything Progressive, clearly displaying the potential and talent of the musicians involved here.
“Unknown Abyss” starts with a distinct guitar work. The clean vocals here make the vocals catchier and even hummable. Both “Thrash on Your Grave” and “Speed of Death” starts with a tasty solo before going mayhem. The album finishes off with another song “Too Drunk to Thrash” filled with sea of sharp bullet like riffs, though nothing out of the world or even different compared to what has been on offer so far. It’s got the party lyrics which has become a cult in Thrash scene since the emergence of bands like Municipal Waste.
The sound of My Funeral can be compared to Artillery and a bit of Slayer due to the distinctive guitar sound. While the sound eliminates the comparisons with Bay Area or Teutonic Thrash, it does have shades of the former. All in all it’s a short album of just under 34 minutes and its worth your time, and both the guitarists here deserve a special mention for creating that ear piercing sound!!
Self-released, 2015 (MYF002). Made in EU. First press.

1. Violence Academy 
2. Thrash Hammer 
3. Violence For Violence 
4. Unknown Abyss 
5. Thrash On Your Grave 
6. Rest In Business 
7. Speed Of Death 
8. Strongest Falls 
9. Too Drunk To Thrash 
Total playing time: 33:55


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