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AXXIS “Kingdom Of The Night” /CD/

  • AXXIS “Kingdom Of The Night” /CD/

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    Band: AXXIS
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Debut full-length album by the famous German Melodic Heavy Metal band.
In the 1980s, Germany was a hotbed of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock action - it was Germany that gave fans the Scorpions, Accept and Warlock. Germany was also the home of Axxis, who was never as big as the Scorpions or Accept but made some decent contributions to the Metal/Hard Rock field.
It was a much different time in 1989 when Axxis burst onto the scene with their debut "Kingdom Of The Night". The Heavy Metal scene was ruled by bands such as The Scorpions, Poison and a host of others that filled the airways with a much more radio friendly guitar oriented Rock that was based on catchy hooks and anthem like choruses. Axxis is one of the bands that jumped on this bandwagon and have yet to get off!
This disc which was the best selling debut album in Germany at the time is filled with all the quintessential trappings you would expect from this kind of band. From the album openers "Living In A World" and "Kingdom Of The Night" you get the obligatory fiery anthem like Metal that will have the fist pumping and the crowd singing along with the refrain! Lead singer Bernhard Weiss is given the chance to show the right amount of angst with not one but two mandatory power ballads with "Fire And Ice" and "Tears Of The Trees".
Guitar work of Weiss and Walter Pietsch is very good throughout the album and the vocals of Bernhard is as very good too.
"Kingdom Of The Night" essentially falls into the fantasy Metal category. This album's lyrics are generally fantasy-oriented, and headbangers who get into larger-than-life fantasy lyrics should have no problem appreciating melodic tracks like "Kings Made of Steel" and "The Moon." For the teenagers and young adults who acquired "Kingdom Of The Night" back in 1990, this type of Metal and Hard Rock was all about escape - escaping into fantasy and temporarily getting away from the boring routines of everyday life. The lyrics and the big, glossy sound thфat goes with them aren't about reality; they're about getting away from it.
"Kingdom Of The Night" is decent and respectable album. It is easy to see why this album did so well. It gives people just what they want without having to delve to deep. This album will bring back memories of music that was less complicated and unpretentious. It was just Rock And Roll!
EMI Electrola GmbH, 1989 (0777 7 91829 2 3). Made in Holland. Pressed in Poland.

1. Living In A World     3:50 
2. Kingdom Of The Night     3:50 
3. Never Say Never     3:40 
4. Fire And Ice     3:59 
5. Young Souls     3:14 
6. For A Song     3:04 
7. Love Is Like An Ocean     3:23 
8. The Moon     3:38 
9. Tears Of The Trees     4:07 
10. Just The Night     3:42 
11. Kings Made Of Steel     3:29 
12. Living In A World (Extended Version)     5:00
Total playing time: 45:41

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€ 12.90