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FUNERAL OPPRESSION “The Prisoners Of Life” /CD/

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The debut full-length album by Russia Depressive Black Metal band.
Serious debut from a young band. Interesting varied musical material, executed in Post Black Metal basic style, strong emotional background is unlikely to leave without impression and feelings. Life, loneliness, madness, nihilism, philosophical thoughts, deep gloomy atmosphere of hopelessness, from calm to hysteria
General musical concept of the album is a lingering Atmospheric Black Metal based on melodic guitar lines, overdriven chords and acoustic fingerpicking, alternating with psychedelic atonal inserts typical of DSBM, including dissonant intervals and terrifying hysterical ear-piercing shriek vocals.
The band has successfully achieved a right balance between the high-quality Post Black Metal for the wide range of Black Metal fans and the sense of true Underground Black Metal.
Throughout the album length, the band does not slide into a dim musical chatter and draggy copying of the famous DSBM bands. However, Funeral Oppression feels quite confident about its position among such bands as Shining, Woods of Desolation, Austere, Thy Light, etc.
Highly recommended to all fans of different atmospheric music styles, Post Rock, Post Metal, Post Black Metal, Shoegaze, Atmospheric and Depressive Black Metal!
More Hate Productions/Deleting Soul Records, 2015 (MHP 15-140 / DSR 019). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Enveloped by Shadows 08:14 
2. In This Stunning Silence 10:33 
3. Away from Chains of Mind 10:19 
4. The Prisoners of Life 08:28 
5. Nothing... to Eternal Grandeur of Death 09:39
Total playing time: 47:13


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