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ENS COGITANS “Heart Of The Way” /CD/

  • ENS COGITANS “Heart Of The Way” /CD/

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Re-release on CD of the debut full-length album by the cult Russian Gothic/Progressive Metal band.
Six magnificent songs of Progressive Post Doom Metal from one of the leaders of Russian scene. 50 minutes of intellectual music.
"Heart Of The Way" obviously is pretty much different if we'd compare it to "Re-Vision", the second album. "Heart Of The Way" is comprised of six tunes which seemingly last for eternity, but simultaneously don't have anything in common with the notion of boredom. So what is it, style-wise? Ok, what about the following words: Progressive, Gothic, Doom and Thrash Metal? Try to mix Mekong Delta, Deathrow, Anathema (circa "Eternity"), KOROVA and… DEAD CAN DANCE into one… and... no, you won't get Ens Cogitans, but something that could be this band. Generally speaking, just like all the works by this band, this one is nearly indescribable, yet definitely the one to be listened to. Highly recommended!!
Nostradamus Records, 1996/2000 (NR004). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Stone Rill 08:47
2. Fire from Within 09:14
3. Search of Kalokagathy (original version) 09:07
4. Heart of the Way 10:48
5. As the Heartbeat Evanishes in a Secret Moonlight Garden 01:56
6. Through the Moonlight 10:32
Total playing time: 50:24


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Second full-length album by the cult Russian Gothic/Progressive Metal band. Second album of the band sounding really different (like always with Ens Cogitans) if we’d compare “Re-Vision” to its predecessor, “Heart Of The Way”. This effort sounds quite similar to &ldquo..

€ 8.90