UNEARTHLY “Flagellum Dei” /Digipack CD/

Second re-release of the fourth full-length album by the cult Brazilian Black/Death Metal band.
A heavy mix of Death and Black Metal, Unearthly’s signature sound is just that. Combining fast paced drums, and vocals that sound something akin to the Devil chanting with a drill down his throat, this band is really brutal. The entire album is distinctively Death Metal, and exhibits the band’s all consuming Dark-ness. Each track flows into the next, giving added smoothness and consistency. Tracks such as “7.62”, “Exterminata” add a slight acoustic flavour to the mix, creating a signature sound for the band, and in terms of “Exterminata” give a mellow come down to an other-wise heavy album. 
This will hopefully be the album that pushes these guys forward, as it looks as though Unearthly have remained relatively unknown outside of Brazil despite having been around since the late 90s. This may not be the case for long though given the absolute power that quite literally screams throughout “Flagellum Dei”’s entirely. Pur-chase it now!
Absolutely awesome raging and vicious Blackened Death Metal for fans of late 90’s/early 00’s Behemoth, Hate and Sarcofago! Huge production, relentless drums, intricate riffs and songs structures, twin vocals attacks. Killer album!!
Metal Age Productions, 2011/2014 (MAP 086). Made in Slovakia.

1. Seven.Six Two 3:57 
2. Baptized In Blood 5:39 
3. Flagellum 3:30 
4. Black Sun (Part I) 5:06 
5. Osmotic Haeresis (Part II) 4:08 
6. My Fault 3:27 
7. Eye For An Eye 5:00 
8. Lord Of All Battle 3:48 
9. Limbus 2:29 
10. Insurgency 4:15 
11. Exterminata 3:53
Total playing time: 45:12

Samples: https://redefiningdarknessrecords.bandcamp.com

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