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HELLFUELED "Emission Of Sins" /CD/

  • HELLFUELED "Emission Of Sins" /CD/

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Fourth full-length album by Swedish Heavy Metal band.
"Emission Of Sins" espouses the same rock solid production of its predecessors, and the band gleams in each lead, and pounds relentless with every concrete rhythm. Hellfueled are in a pretty unique niche within the Swedish Metal scene, perhaps even Metal at large! With a sound that is equal parts Stoner Metal, Alice in Chains-like melodic Grunge, and Ozzy Osbourne, you'd think they might come across as passé, but instead they explode speakers through their sheer intensity!! Andy Alkman is still wailing away with a wild Ozzy Osbourne, though he centers on a lower range than the Ozzman's Sabbath days. Maybe Ozzy himself could officially name him as replacement. The vocals are a large part of what makes Hellfueled, but the riffs of Jocke Lundgren are larger. Lundgren keeps it real interesting, and his riffs are ever a pleasure, fully able to transport you between dirty bar fighting rock 'n' roll and glorious segues of fantasy that lift you to higher planes. It's a jarring contrast at times, but he is certainly one of the more interesting Swedish guitar players in years. Lonn and Svensson are as solid a rhythm section as you will find, their playing is infectious and allows the twin starlets of Alkman and Lundgren to shine. They swerve, they crash and they groove, burning along with the heat of a hundred suns and the assurance that the listener will NOT be bored, ever, while listening to this band!!
Black Lodge Records, 2009 (BLOD061CD). Made in Sweden. Pressed in Germany. Please note: although the CD is new and has never been played, there are shabby on the disc surface.

1. Where Angels Die 03:44
2. Am I Blind 03:01
3. I Am the Crucifix 03:50
4. A Remission of My Sins 03:43
5. Save Me 03:32
6. Lost Forever 03:30
7. For My Family and Satan 03:33
8. In Anger 04:06
9. End of the Road 03:25
10. Stone by Stone 03:27
11. Moving On 03:52
Total playing time: 39:43

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Second full-length album by Swedish Heavy Metal band. Somebody’s in the Zakk Wylde fan club here, that’s no doubt. Remember the eighties? Hellfueled does! They can remember a time when Ozzy Osbourne released albums like “The Ultimate Sin” and “No More Tears”. Som..

€ 4.90