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VEXED “Legion Deathblood” /CD/

  • VEXED “Legion Deathblood” /CD/

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    Band: VEXED
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The sixth full-length album by Italian Black/Death/Thrash Metal band.
Violent Blast Metal! The soundtrack to the world ending!! Raw aggression coupled with frenetic beats and wailing solos... “Legion Deathblood” is heavy, fierce and evil and it’s what we need more of in Metal!!!
Vexed approaches Metal with solid basics. The riffs are catchy and evil, the solos are great, and the bass is thick and low; the drumming is fast and intense. Everything comes together to sound like it’s welcoming the devil to overthrow the Earth. It’s ominous and it’s heavy… and it’s going to kick your ass. The vocals here are not trying to sound like singing or growling. It’s yelling reminiscent of cross-examination, just not as frantic. The vocal style is delivered like a punch to the face. There’s a clear Motörhead influence that comes through and it fits the sound perfectly. A lot of the choruses seem inviting to being shouted along with.
The Thrash Metal sound of the band is focusing on the occult and reminds of Venom, however this is a rawer. You’re getting a blunt force attack of Metal. It comes at you like a psychopath with a chainsaw. It sounds ominous and aggressive and it nails the things about Metal that make it great! This album is an auditory berserker charge that highly recommend adding to any collection!!
Punishment 18 Records, 2016 (P18R 115). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Death Order 04:39 
2. Necrogenesis V2 03:44 
3. Tenebrae Screaming 00:54 
4. Old Lady Nurser 02:48 
5. Elements 02:39 
6. Deathmageddon Clash 02:22 
7. Trash and Bullshit Submission 04:15 
8. Die in Fire (Bathory cover) 03:34 
9. Smoke, Cigarettes & Demons 00:58 
10. Infernal Serpent 03:54 
11. Bringers 03:11 
12. Godfather of Doom 06:15 
13. Love Apocalypse Live 00:01
Total playing time: 39:14

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