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ROOT “Madness Of The Graves” /CD/

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Re-release of the seventh full-length studio album by cult Czech Epic Heavy/Black Metal band.
The seventh album from cult gods Root is a bit of a step back, but after the incredible "Black Seal" anybody would be hard pressed to come up with an equally amazing CD. Root have been following killer album after killer album. And if we can say this album is not quite as good as albums like "The Book" or "The Temple In The Underworld", this is still a great album.
Root is one of those bands that don't sound like anyone else, because they are not followers of a sound, but originators. There are elements of Doom, Thrash, early Black Metal like Bathory, Progressive Rock, Atmospheric music, and ever swing. This album is a lot less Metal than previous albums, but still stomps most modern bands' asses like they were smurfs, and it only sounds less heavy in comparison with the bonecrushing "Temple In The Underworld". The melodies are a lot more accessible on this disc, and Big Boss has flavored his vocal lines with swing and big band influences.
This album is the most weird and eclectic Root material to date, and it travels from Doomy riffs to Thrashy, to Atmospheric interludes and delicate melodies. In some places, the melodies don't seem to quite work, even in the context of Root's already twisted soundscape.
So, this is another fine Root CD. The performances are spot on, and some of the songs are excellent, but here Root seem to have gotten a little too weird for their own good. All that aside, this is still a very good album, and it only pales in comparison to their other material. A worthy album from a singular and iconoclastic band!!
2016 American reissue with 4 bonus live tracks (11-14) & completely redesigned layout. Live tracks recorded live at Capitol Music Hall, Brno, Czech Republic, on Thursday April 22, 2004.
Paragon Records, 2003/2016 (PRG-43060). Made in USA. First press.

1. Omen (The Tones of Mystery) 01:54
2. Then (The Tale About Destiny) 05:55
3. Madness of the Graves (Calling) 02:34
4. Talking Bones (The Story of Legacy) 04:15
5. Endowment (Refused Message) 06:07
6. Tree (Power of Calling) 03:21
7. Autumn (Legend About Life) 04:17
8. In the Heart of Darkness (Ballad of Ancient Realms) 05:32
9. The Last Gate (The Story of Demons) 06:21
10. Afterwards (The Tale at the End) 04:52
Live bonus tracks:
11. Talking Bones (The Story of Legacy) 03:57
12. Endowment (Refused Message) 05:46
13. Madness of the Graves (Calling) 02:42
14. In the Heart of Darkness (Ballad of Ancient Realms) 05:29
Total playing time: 62:32 min.

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