Melodic Black Death Metal band from Norway in the vein of older Emperor and some stuff like Zyklon(-B). Including members from Irish WITCHHAMMER and Norway's GEHENNA, SHADOW SEASON offers some seriously sick Metal with their MCD "The Frozen". Four songs of atmospheric but also brutal Scandinavian black metal. Energy and blast beats along melancholy and darkness in an EP that is really interesting in a very popular but quite stagnate musical idiom in our days.  In other words if you're into Zyklon and Myrkskog you should be into this too.
Incl. special guests (!!!): Trym Torson (ex-Enslaved, ex-Emperor, Zyklon) on drums; Sanrabb (ex-Satyricon, ex-Gehenna, Forlorn) on vocals; Dolgar (Gehenna, Forlorn ) on vocals and Patricia Woloch on violin.
Well-stored s/h.
Sound Riot Records, 2003 (SRP.020)

1.Phantoms In The Glass 05:56
2.Catalysmic Ancient Illusion 05:25
3.Frozen 04:09
4....To Scorn The Suicide Earth 05:23
Total playing time: 20:53

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