CROWN THE LOST “Blind Faith Loyalty” /CD/

The second full-length studio album by American Power/Thrash Metal band.
Formed in 2005 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania it took the band only a year to release the stunning debut “Reverence Dies Within”, that was recorded, produced, released and promoted completely by the musicians on their own. Filled with songs which are a great mix between Thrash and Power Metal the band did not only get great reviews, but also label-offers. As a result, Crown The Lost got signed to Cruz Del Sur-Music and the follow up was released in 2009. This one, “Blind Failth Loyalty”, got great reviews all over the world again, but due to line-up problems, the band didn't really get the chance to promote the album.
Melody and Thrash are two words that usually have no business being uttered together in the same breath. But Melodic Thrash Metal is indeed a fitting description for this Pittsburgh-based band. The "melody" can be specifically pinpointed to the band's singer, Chris Renaldi (whose Bruce Dickinson-like vocals prove that he must have studied his Iron Maiden records thoroughly), while the "Thrash" is provided by his riff-happy bandmates. And this is certainly showcased on such ditties as "Defame the Hypocrites" and the title track. Despite the fact that none of the bandmembers were born before the year "The Number Of The Beast" was released, Crown The Lost's style and approach certainly would have fit nicely in the Thrash and Heavy happy '80s!!
Cruz del Sur Music, 2009 (cruz34). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Defame the Hypocrites 
2. Drawing the Parallel
3. Bound to Wrath
4. Symbiotic
5. Finality
6. Dreaming In Reverse
7. Privation
8. Impose Your Will 
9. Hollow Refuge
10. Blind Faith Loyalty
Total playing time: 54:40 min.


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