HYBREED CHAOS “Dying Dogma” /CD/

Debut full-length album by Canadian Brutal Death Metal band.
Featuring ex-Paroxysm drummer Franck Camus and current Cryptopsy bassist Olivier Pinard (session member) Hybreed Chaos offers a monstrous wall of sound influenced by bands such as Gorguts, Ulcerate, old Suffocation and even Voivod... Ecclectic, savage, brutal, sick and heavy beyond beliefs... The list is endless. This band's sound is savagery put to music and while it is definitely not for the casual Heavy Music listener, nobody will stay cold listening to this, like it or not this band is different and supremely destructive. The character of the music is generally similar to spherical and dark Death Metal bands, but Hybreed Chaos never approaches the level of the aforementioned names. However, this band is creative and occasionally shows interesting ideas. Brace yourself!
For fans of Gorguts and Immolation!
PMC Music, 2013 (PRC18). Made in Canada. First press.

1. Birth of Chaos     00:29 
2. A Machine for Pigs     04:15 
3. Dismembered Purity     05:00 
4. Emperor     04:49 
5. Defiled Servitude     04:35 
6. Charogne     05:17 
7. Silent Agony     04:48 
Total playing time: 29:13

Samples:  http://prcmusic.bandcamp.com

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