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MALICE "Symphony Of Darkness" /Digital LP/

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    Гурт: MALICE
  • Код товару: MSP014
  • Отримаєте бонус-скрепів: 2
  • Наявність: В наявності

  • € 1.90

  • Ціна в бонус-скрепах: 19

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Digital Release includes:

- album tracks in MP3 or WAV (select needed format);
- band bio in PDF;
- band photo (JPEG);
- digital booklet in PDF.

Re-release of the debut and only full-length album by the Ukrainian Symphonic Black Metal band.
Gothic, dark chorales, full of dramatic keyboards, built on 80's Heavy Metal and Hard Rock guitars, blast beats with machine-gun speed.
Musicians have shown that they can submit something quite usual in a bright and memorable form, to breathe new life into already familiar to many forms. Nothing extraordinary, but as it all sounds and listen!! Successful change of pace and rhythm, reasonableness and consistency of entry of various instruments. Noteworthy is the deepest feeling and understanding of music, rhythm, melody, mood, which is reflected in the arrangements, and it's great, and rightly so. Because not feeling her music never played.
Musthave for fans of old: Dimmu Borgir, Old Man's Child and Cradle Of Filth!!
Metal Scrap Production, 2001/2009 (MSP014).

1. Deadly Crucify 04:57
2. Cathedral of Satan 03:52
3. Procession Approach 04:25
4. Mysterious Portret 06:06 
5. Idol Dead 04:32 
6. Prays Sick 04:35
7. Schizo Sign 05:00
Total playing time: 35:31



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