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ЛЕТАРГИЯ "Божественное Безумие" /Digital LP/

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  • Код товару: MSR047
  • Отримаєте бонус-скрепів: 2
  • Наявність: В наявності

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  • Ціна в бонус-скрепах: 19

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Digital Release includes:

- album tracks in MP3 or WAV (select needed format);
- band bio in PDF;
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- digital booklet in PDF.


The second full-length album by the Ukrainian Dark Metal band.
The music of the band is a complex of Doom, Death and Gothic Metal.
"Божественное безумие / Divine Madness" - a new stage in the development of the band as in performance such in recording quality and all material. On this album you can hear fast rocking moments and weighted funeral parties. If you are not indifferent to such bands as: Moonspell, My Dying Bride, Septic Flesh, Dark The Suns, In Flames, Slumbeer, early Anathema and Katatonia - echoes of these legendary bands can be found on the second release of Lethargia. Band did not come up with something radically new or go with the times and decided to support founders of Dark, Death and Doom Metal.
Music supported by thoughtful lyrics in Russian.
Total Metal Records, 2012 (MSR047/CD-TMR12). 

1.В темноте открывая глаза (intro) / In the Darkness Opening the Eyes (intro) 02:30
2.Траур похороненых сердец / Buried Mourning Hearts 07:38
3.Скорбь Сатаны / Grief of Satan 05:10 
4.Я сожалею... / I'm sorry ... 07:05
5.Сломаный мир / Broken World 06:21
6.Божественное безумие / Divine Madness 06:39 
7.Колдовство и одержимость / Witchcraft and Possession 05:47
8.Презрение (feat. Диана Ларионова) / Contempt (feat. Diana Larionova) 06:49
9.Мистика любви / Mystery of Love 04:45
10.Суд грешников / Court of Sinners 06:45
11.Рождение нового сознания (outro) / The Birth of a New Consciousness (outro) 02:49

Bonus tracks:
12.Злые нравы / Evil Habits 05:19 
13.Нежность и любовь (feat. Евгений Кугаевский) / Tenderness and Love (feat. Eugene Kugaevsky) 03:47
Total playing time: 71:29 min.



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