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STRESS “Atomic Flower, Brazilian Metal Explosion” /CD/

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    Гурт: STRESS
  • Код товару: MSR007
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First time on CD, the second full-length studio album by cult Brazilian Speed/Heavy Metal band.
Originally, the album was released in 1985 on LP only, called “Flor Atômica”.
Pure Heavy Metal from the best times, Stress is one big mix of early Judas Priest, Saxon, sometimes Classic Rock bands like Deep Purple. Add to everything a bit more speed, good solos and a high vocal, and you’ve got Atomic Flower.
Everything is played here the way it should be played- Stress serves us just a classic, simple and solid Heavy Metal. This album is a Heavy Metal to it’s core.
Everything there goes with a great production. Nice, hearable bass sound makes everything sounds more natural. And solos... that amazing solos of Alex Magnum!..
Re-edition gives to us also some demos and live material. In addition, incredible booklet includes a Stress’ history and a lot of photos, posters and materials from the time, when the band was just starting.
“Atomic Flower, Brazilian Metal Explosion” CD contains “Flor Atômica” album + seven bonus tracks.
Track 11 recorded at Estúdio da Montanha, 05.08.1987.
Tracks 12-13 recorded live in Praia do Arpoador, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 30.11.1996.
Track 14 recorded at Magical Mistery Studio, Belém/PA, Brazil, 20.01.2002.
Track 15 recorded by Rádio Cultura, Belém/PA, Brazil, 02.08.2003.
Tracks 16-17 recorded live in Gasômetro Theatre, Belém/PA, Brazil, 13.05.2005.
Metal Soldiers Records, 1985/2010 (MSR007). Made in Portugal. First press.

1. Heavy Metal 4:14
2. Não Desista 3:05
3. Mate O Réu 3:59
4. Flor Atômica 4:05
5. Esperando O Messias 4:31
6. Forças Do Mal  3:20
7. Inferno Nuclear 4:44
8. Sodoma E Gomorra 4:22
9. Tributo Ao Prazer 3:10
10. Jennie 4:33
Bonus Tracks:
11. Novos Sonhos 3:58
12. Danca Do Trem (Live) 4:28
13. Folha No Vento (Live) 8:52
14. Forcas Do Mal 3:29
15. Stressencefalodrama 6:02
16. 2031 (Live) 4:42
17. O Viciado 4:16
Total playing time: 75:52 min.

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