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STRESS “Amazon, First Metal Attack!” /CD/

  • STRESS “Amazon, First Metal Attack!” /CD/

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    Гурт: STRESS
  • Код товару: MSR002
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First re-release of the debut full-length studio album by cult Brazilian Speed/Heavy Metal band.
The first Brazilian Metal album ever!
Formed in 1974 by the encounter of the future members of the band in a school, they were the first Brazilian Metal band in the world, and also the first to release an album. Their career began by playing songs by artists such as Rolling Stones, Nazareth, Sweet, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and other similar bands. The first concert of the band, omitting various live performances for the anniversaries of the school, occurred in 1977. In 1978 the band began to work on their first piece, under the influence of Metal monsters such as Judas Priest, Saxon and Iron Maiden, sung both in English and in Portuguese, but due to the desire of the fans who wanted to understand the lyrics, all lyrics were rewritten in Portuguese.
The first album was released in 1982, called simply "Stress". The album mostly consisted of a quite heavy brand of Speed Metal, occasionally bordering on Thrash Metal, in some parts accompanied by Heavy Metal and Hard Rock influences. The release of the album followed with a major success for the band, for example the song "O Oráculo do Judas" was one of the most successful songs on radio stations in Rio de Janeiro, making the band gather many fans and putting it under the attention of Brazilian media.
“Amazon, First Metal Attack!” CD contains band's self-titled debut album + nine bonus tracks!
Tracks 9 to 17 are bonus tracks:
Track 9 taken from Demo, recorded at TOK Studio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 1984.
Track 10 recorded live rehearsal in Rio de Janeiro, January 1985.
Track 11 recorded by TV Record in "Estádio de Remo da Lagoa", Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 1985.
Track 12 recorded live in "Castelo do Parque Lage", Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 15.03.1985.
Track 13 recorded live rehearsal in Belém/PA, Brazil, October 1995.
Track 14 recorded live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, November 1996.
Tracks 15 and 16 recorded by "Rádio Cultura", Belém/PA, Brazil, 2003.
Track 17 recorded live in Gasômetro Theatre, Belém/PA, Brazil, 13.05.2005.
This CD is a must for every Latino Metal freak!!
Metal Soldiers Records, 1982/2009 (MSR002). Made in Portugal.


“Stress” album (1982):
1. Sodoma e Gomorra 4:07
2. A Chacina 4:17
3. 2031 4:13
4. O Oráculo do Judas 5:48
5. Stressencefalodrama 5:29
6. O Viciado 4:03
7. Mate o Réu 3:51
8. O Lixo 4:11
Bonus tracks:
9. Inferno Nuclear 4:49
10. Forças do Mal 3:27
11. Heavy Metal 5:07
12. Thunder 3:13
13. Estrela Azul 3:54
14. Nada a Perder 4:02
15. Folha no Vento 7:33
16. A Tua Mãe é Moça 3:11
17. Coração de Metal 3:59
Total playing time: 75:21 min.

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