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F.T.W. BOOGIE MACHINE “Rockers Of Destruction” /CD/

  • F.T.W. BOOGIE MACHINE “Rockers Of Destruction” /CD/

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  • Код товару: VJR081
  • Отримаєте бонус-скрепів: 9
  • Наявність: В наявності

  • € 8.90

  • Ціна в бонус-скрепах: 89

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The second full-length studio album by Finnish Rock’N’Roll/Heavy Metal band.
Hail drinking, gasoline, and raising hell! 
The Finnish trio F.T.W. Boogie Machine is a destructive weapon of addicting and vicious Rock’n’Roll in your face, spiting great doses of energy with “Rockers Of Destruction”!
Great vocals, catching and strong riffs and solos from the lead guitars, and good rhythmic basis done by the rhythm section. It’s thrilling and exciting music, no doubt about it!!
It’s a high dose of adrenaline music, near something between AC/DC, Motörhead and Lynyrd Skynyrd, and hard down way to joy and fun, with great amounts of energy and weight...
Beware: you can become addicted too... And will be!!!
For fans of Motörhead, Venom, Judas Priest, Stray Cats, Dead Kennedys, Jerry Lee Lewis, Celtic Frost, Peer Gynt, Tankard and more...
Violent Journey Records, 2014 (VJR081). Made in Finland. First press.

1. Liberty Boys 3:31
2. Rock And Roll Blood 3:43
3. Hellion Breed 3:01
4. Chopper Men And Boogie Machines 3:28
5. Twenty Flight Rock 2:47
6. How Wheels And Cold Steel 3:14
7. Big Fat Ass Bitch 2:49
8. Snakebite Woman 2:52
9. Do You Want It All 4:39
10. Rat Faced Fools With No Rules 3:42
11. Give Them Hell 3:10
12. The Road 3:08
Total playing time: 40:06 min.


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