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COBRA "Grito En El Abismo" /CD/

  • COBRA "Grito En El Abismo" /CD/

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    Гурт: COBRA
  • Код товару: La-154
  • Отримаєте бонус-скрепів: 5
  • Наявність: В наявності

  • € 4.90

  • Ціна в бонус-скрепах: 49

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Re-release of the debut full-length album by Columbian Thrash/Speed Metal band.
Colombian Thrash/Speed Metal with German influences!
The guys' playing skills are obvious on fast and furious speedsters like "Cobra", "Night Hunter", "Ataque Metal" and "Guerrero Speed." Then again, a mid-tempo song like "Exceso de Alcohol", is pure Heavy Metal, featuring, as all the songs do, Mario's amazing solo work. Adrian's raspy and screeching vocal style fits into the band's style like an armored fist fits into your ugly mouth.
Beyond doubt “Grito en el Abismo” is a really strong debut release in the flooding of new albums. The key to the success is their Metal feel to write pretty catchy and memorable songs. And what is more, this is not a retro record, it is a way different from all these Thrashing Blackers or Raw sounding pseudobands "reminding" of "old days of Metal". The album is coherent, all the elements (music, production, lyrics, even pictures from the booklet, you know, leathers and spikes rules!) create one inseparable unit. Try it and you'll be a victim of this Colombian Cobra!
Re-edition contains two bonus tracks, taken from the band's 2005 self-titled 4-track demo.
For fans of Iron Angel, early Grave Digger and Exodus!!
American Line Productions, 2010/2012 (La-154). Made in Mexico.

1. Cobra     3:00 
2. Night Hunter     3:48 
3. Inmortal (Rey Del Rojo Cielo)     4:16 
4. Ataque Metal     4:16 
5. Exceso De Alcohol     4:33 
6. Guerrero Speed     3:46 
7. Juego Mortal     3:39 
8. Grito En El Abismo     8:03 
Bonus Tracks:
9. Night Hunter (Demo 2005)     4:18 
10. Juego Mortal (Demo 2005)     4:04
Total playing time: 43:43

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