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ADAM BOMB “Third World Roar” /CD/

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  • ADAM BOMB “Third World Roar” /CD/
  • ADAM BOMB “Third World Roar” /CD/
  • ADAM BOMB “Third World Roar” /CD/

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    Гурт: ADAM BOMB
  • Код товару: 90911
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The seventh full-length album by the band of cult American Glam/Hard Rock guitarist and singer Adam "Bomb" Brenner.
The tragedy of September 11th effected many people, especially New Yorkers. Since then, artists have been grappling with how to voice their emotions about the subject, to get their feelings off their chest. Bon Jovi's "Bounce" and Bruce Springsteen's "The Rising" are the most successful musical reactions of this event. But Hard Rockers who want something with a bit more, shall we say, musical muscle on the subject, would be wise to turn to Adam Bomb's "Third World Roar".
A New York Hard Rock veteran, Bomb has been kicking out albums since the early '80s, first with Seattle's TKO, then on his own, then with Get Animal, and later in Michael Monroe's band. However, this solo effort is by far his most bold and personal endeavor, hitting home on many levels.
On the surface, "Third World Roar" is simply a butt-kicking Rock n' Roll record about the end of the world but in a party sense, like we're gonna Rock till the world explodes. A closer listen will reveal that Bomb is indeed wrestling with the current events and the shape of the world.
"The Beginning of the End" starts things off with a power chord bang, complete with apocalyptic lyrics and an earth shattering solo. "Are You A Target" musically recalls Bomb's Aero-boogie sound of his "Fatal Attraction" era, while "Get Your Guard Up" is just pure Punk, Bop n' Roll, and "Rocket" sidesteps into Rockabilly territory. "The Field of Bad Dreams" gets even rootsier, sounding like Marc Bolan covering ZZ Top.
Things get a bit more stark on acoustic numbers such as "Time Flies" and the Beatles-esque "Willful Blindness", but pick right back up with the Enuff Z'Nuff-like power popper "I Believe" and the blistering "Bio-Strike".
By the time we get to two bone crunching closers, "Prayer For Destruction" and "Rebirth of the Earth" (which segues into the "Star Spangled Banner"), two things are clear: 1. Bomb is one pissed off dude, and 2. this motherfucker can sure play the guitar!!
Coalition Records, 2003 (90911). Made in Canada. First press.

1. 911
2. The Beginning of the End
3. Are You A Target?
4. Rocket
5. The Field of Bad Dreams
6. Time Flies
7. Willful Blindness
8. I Believe
9. Get Your Guard Up / Guitarmaggedon
10. Bio-Strike / Epilogue
11. DT6
12. Prayer for Destruction
13. Rebirth of the Earth / Star Spangled Banner

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