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ADAM BOMB “Rock Like Fuck” /CD/

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    Гурт: ADAM BOMB
  • Код товару: 90777
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The eighth full-length album by the band of cult American Glam Metal/Hard Rock guitarist and singer Adam "Bomb" Brenner.
In 1979, when Adam Bomb was 16 years old, he and Geoff Tate (later former vocalist of Queensrÿche) started a cover band called Tyrant. Later he joined the cult band TKO, with whom he recorded legendary album "In Your Face". In 1980, Bomb auditioned for Kiss. He flew to Los Angeles and played three songs with them, but was not invited to join the band. Instead, he moved to Hollywood and shared an apartment with Jeffrey Isbelle, better known as Izzy Stradlin. Bomb quickly became friends with Tommy Thayer, a neighbor and guitarist for the Rock band Black N' Blue (now guitarist in KISS), who suggested Adam should do his own project and call it Adam Bomb. Tommy Thayer's band Movie Star opened for TKO at The Showbox in 1981. In 1983, Adam recorded his first demos with producer Rick Keefer. He also played two gigs with Steeler as a replacement for Yngwie Malmsteen. One year later, Adam recorded more songs with the aid of drummer Chuck Ruff of Montrose and bassist Cliff Williams of AC/DC and finalized his first album, "Fatal Attraction".
Adam Bomb isn’t just one of the hardest working men in the world of music, he also lives and breathes Rock ‘n’ Roll 24/7. So when he screams “I Live For Rock ‘n Roll” in the opening bars of his personal tribute to AC/DC “I Want My Heavy Metal”, you better believe he isn’t kidding.
Adam Bomb's sound is Hard Rock with a Glam Rock edge and some Heavy Metal posturing. Your appetite for this one is going to depend on your love for all things '80s Rock. Adam Bomb definitely fits in to that Glam/Hair Metal style!
Coalition Records, 2005 (90777). Made in Canada. First press.

1. The Big Event 3:09 
2. Life's A Bitch 'n' Then You Live 5:43 
3. Stranded 3:39 
4. Shattered Smile 3:08 
5. If This Is Love I Want My Money Back 3:36 
6. Jimmy Brown 4:15
7. I Wanna Forget You (Just The Way You Are) 4:02
8. Backbiter / S.U.S 6:20
9. Lie Down & Die 2:22
10. Mess Around 4:52 
11. Rock Like Fuck 4:29
Total playing time: 45:35

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