TICKET TO HELL "Operation: Crash Course" /CD/

Second full-length album by the Mexican Death/Thrash Metal band.
These guys sure have cranked it up a few notches since their debut, "Man Made Paradise". While that was more on the Thrash than Death side, this one here veers more toward Death Metal, while remaining somewhat Thrashy. But "Operation: Crash Course" is a f*ckload more intense, faster and in-your-face than its predecessor, with a superior production assuring express delivery to unsuspecting ears.
The vocals are more Death-like, kind of a sharp, abrasive, raucous semi-growl that fits the music like a glove. Machine gun-like riffage can be found all over the place here, literally ripping through the air – there's also a "galloping" style here that keeps things diversified, along with the whirling solos that are about as close to melody as this will get. The drums almost never stop pounding.
"Operation: Crash Course" is one of those albums that pins you to the ground from beginning to the end and leaves you asking for more of that aural punishment, and is quite an improvement over their already more than decent debut album!!
My Kingdom Music, 2010 (ECHO066). Made in Italy. First press.

1.The Hidden Illness 05:06
2.Metallic Overdose 06:16
3.Isolation Row 04:31
4.The Sickest Lie 05:03
5.Bluescreen Circus 05:13
6.Operation: Crash Course 06:33
7.The Box 03:50
8.Last One Standing 05:07
Total playing time: 41:39

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