THE ZERONAUT “Portraits Of Nothing” /CD/

Debut full-length album by Spanish Melodic Death Metal band.
Born in 2003 on the ashes of Scythe this Gran Canarian band has participated in many concerts sharing the stage with bands such as: Napalm Death, Destruction, Avulsed, Wormed, Incantation, Evergrey, Kreator, Lacrimas Profundere and Rage among others.
Inside the album is about the length slightly to forty minutes, which are spread over 10 tracks, heavily influenced by the Swedish Melodic Death Metal with strong features and parts of Thrash Metal.
The guitars are very strong here. Also noteworthy a brilliantly executed keyboards, as well as remarkable battery of Kuly Rivero. One of the strongest themes is definitely "Construct / Destruct", with excellent guitars and two voices playing each other in the middle of an orgy of guitars.
"Broken Link" contains some clean vocals, an air heavy, really curious and well executed. "Portraits Of Nothing" has a crushing drums and good vocals. "Nightscythe", maybe the best track on the album, have several changes of rhythm and guitars going fast to a much quieter time with voice perking with other records. By the end of the topic gets a devastating air. The album ends with "Slowly We Rust", with something Progressive guitars, more variety both vocal and instrumental theme, and beautiful ambient guitars.
Surely this is an album that well done, and this is a band with a quality that should not go unnoticed! Very good!!
La Rampa Music, 2006 (ref. LR-03). Made in Spain. First press. Please note: although the CD is new and has never been played there are light visual shabby on the disc surface (happened during transit) that will not affect the sound quality.

1. The Collector Divine 4:14
2. Dead Machines 3:36
3. Nowhere Man 6:38
4. Existence 4:13
5. Construct / Destruct 2:40
6. Broken Link 3:18
7. Portraits Of Nothing 2:28
8. Nightscythe 4:10
9. Calculating Infinities 4:15
10. Slowly We Rust 3:55
Total playing time: 39:27


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