STRIDENT "On The Aim" /CD/

Debut full-length album by Israeli Thrash Metal band.
Old School Thrash Metal full of aggression, speed and unique style taking his inspiration at the 80s and 90s Metal and all this straight from the hottest point of the planet where the war never stops!
Impregnated by hot sun, perspiration and rocket explosions, the album carries a clear insatiable maximalism and aggression from the first chord.
Well dedicated rhythm section, piercing solos and riffs, screaming and demonic growl, provocative, ignorant political-correctness lyrics - all this you'll find on "On The Aim".
For fans of: Sodom, Destruction, Exodus, Punk and Rock'n'Roll!!
Selfreleased/Distributed by Total Metal Distirbution, 2010 (TMD01/CD). Made in Israel. First press.

1. Dirty Blood 02:14
2. On the Aim 03:36
3. Terror 02:22
4. Sex Toy 03:19
5. Psycho Provocator 03:55
6. Prepare to Die 03:52
7. Buy the Flesh 03:30
8. Strident 02:23
9. Who Cares 03:44
10. To Beer or Not to Beer 02:21
11. Fucking Army 02:12
Total playing time: 33:29

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